The Real Armageddon

The word Armageddon comes from the Hebrew, ( Har Megedon, or Mt. Megeddon) (in Latin, it is Armagedon) and refers to final battle for the souls of man in the middle of the Fifth Round of our earthly evolution. We are now in the middle of the Fourth Round of this World Period. The battle is symbolically between the Christ and the Antichrist, or between the spiritual nature of man and his material nature. (Reference Google, for example).


In fact, this battle is a continual one within the human entity itself, once it gains some sense of its true spiritual nature. Desire, or the desire body, kama-rupa, located on the astral plane of our solar system contains the collective emotions and desires of humanity. Hereon are derived the continual temptations of the flesh for physical comfort, sexual pleasures, greed; the emotionally triggered thought-forms of fear, hatred and ambition for the riches and social successes and their endless attachment to phenomenal objects.

It is the material world and a sense of its “reality,” that blocks our discovery and realization of our Higher Self; the essentially Divine human entity; the “God Within.” And, it is here on this battlefield of Desires that the Spiritual aspirant faces the most profound of human challenges. The multitude of sensual thought-forms, which permeate the entire planet and receive strong daily reinforcement that constitutes the major struggle of the Higher Self seeking liberation from the materialistic, form/appearance, aspect of LIFE; this is the inner source of the major struggle. This battle for Self-liberation is within; not outside us. Here again, realizing this fact has relevancy toward the goal of truly “Knowing Thyself” as advocated by the Orcle of the Delphi. (Gnothe Seauton, in Greek.)

Speaking Is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Attract New Clients

In your community, there are many organizations that are looking for speakers. By offering an easy, low-stress presentation, you have the opportunity to market to a roomful of prospects – all who have the problem that you are addressing in your presentation. How is that for an effective use of your time?

But maybe you’ve tried speaking with no results before.

If you don’t know how to get a speaking engagement, it can seem overwhelming. What will you talk about? How much to prepare? These questions will stop many therapists in their tracks. I have found that most private practitioners work too hard and prepare too much for a community presentation. Plus they leave the event wondering if they will ever get an inquiry call from anyone in the audience. There is an easier way. You do not need to work so hard.

Move from Frustrated, Confused, or Nervous to a Confident, Organized, and Easy Presenter.

  • Speaking can be fun (and profitable!). Are you rolling your eyes at that? Well, it can be easy and fun when:
  • you have a formula that you can employ for almost any event
  • you prepare less content and have more interaction with your audience
  • you reframe speaking as ‘connecting with people who need you’ and
  • you have a way to manage the inevitable nerves in a way that endears you to the audience
  • you have an easy-to-follow system for converting a percentage of those audience members into paying clients.

┬áSpeaking helps people get a sense of what it would be like to be in your office – spending time with you. We know that “attunement” is the best predictor of positive therapy outcomes. Imagine if you could give a roomful of people that sense of attunement during a community presentation? Imagine what that could do to build your practice.

Man Dreaming About Being Found

He was just a man. He was just a man dreaming of being found. Lost. Lost. Lost. And inside of me there’s a feeling, this feeling of being stuck in traffic in a thunderstorm. A feeling of thirst, a painful thirst and wandering, believing that my brother captures everyone around him with the electricity and lightning daze of influence. There’s a bold intriguing force of electricity and lightning within him. Lightning and electricity. And with that thought, that knowledge comes needles of them, of thoughts. A pinprick that feels life threatening. A flash. A burst of thought. And then the rain would come like a dream, like sleep. First drops and then it begins to pour. The rain would mean water, fresh, sweet, pure water, entitlement, privilege, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, waiting, always waiting for that opportunistic moment, that mind hurdle that tells me I’ve been awake all my life but for the poor ones it would mean flooding. Their homes would be flooded. They would have to walk with skirts hiked up to get to where they had to go, barefoot, humiliated, scooping the water out of their homes with plastic buckets, helpless, homeless, sleeping on damp mattresses. How do people live like that I’ve always wondered? Where do you go from extreme poverty? Who will give you a hand-out? For the poor it would just mean another uncomfortable experience that they would have to deal with.

Education in Pakistan – Need to Be Globalized

The term Commercial Education includes practical training in the field of commerce. It covers professional courses like accounting, banking, book-keeping, business methods, costing, marketing, income-tax, sales tax practices, higher statistics etc. Here is a quotation by Nelson Mandela about the power of education “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Pakistan is a developing country. Importance of commercial education in Pakistan cannot be overlooked. We are living in an age of commercial and technical revolution, and for the real progress of commerce and industry, we need efficient and trained hands. Therefore, commercial education is of imperative necessity in our country. It becomes all the more important in view of the fact that although we have already entered the field of commerce and industry, we do not have sufficient number of trained persons. Modern business is highly complication one. It is elaborate machinery with wheels and counter wheels nicely adjusted and regulated to well-planned ends. The commercial education acquaints our young men both with the theoretical as well as practical aspects of all matters relating to it. The study of theories and practices of commerce, trade and industry enables a business man to see things in their true colour. It equips him with the knowledge of the tendencies which are at work in the business market. A reputed English writer, somewhere told that “Prejudices, it is well-known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilised by education: they grow there, firm as weeds among stones.”

3 Ways to Stay Motivated When Starting a Blog

Just recently I made my first attempt ever at a blog, or even a website for that matter. While looking for information and advice on blogging I’ve been in touch with many helpful and encouraging individuals. On the other hand, I’ve also run into nearly just as many negative individuals. These negative people seem to have a goal of driving any hope of having a successful blog right into the ground. It is one thing to offer constructive criticism, it is quite another to bash or insult another person’s idea.If you’ve done any research on blogging, most advise you find a niche in which there is an immediate problem or need. Your job is to offer a solution to that problem and in turn you will have a successful blog. I wholeheartedly agree that this is a good strategy; however that is not the goal of the blog I created. The goal of the blog I created is to inspire others. I want to be able to demonstrate that the seemingly impossible can be achieved if you stick with it.Now I’ll step down off my imaginary soap box and get to the point. In my experience, starting a blog can be discouraging. You are putting a lot of effort into something that provides very few immediate results. I wanted to share what I’ve been doing to keep myself motivated while in the early stages of my blogging journey. I’m doing this in hopes that it will keep others from giving up on what they’re striving to achieve. While this post is geared more towards blogging, it can really be applied to anything: